Kennard presents: “Lay You Down” and “Hello


Kennard is an artist and songwriter with a passion for great melodies and energetic hooks. his music combines the melodies of R&B with the soothing aesthetics of Soul, making for a distinctive and one-of-a-kind sound.

Recently, Kennard set out to release a brand new studio single titled “Lay You Down.” This project sets the bar even higher, channeling the artist’s ability to combine tasteful arrangements with spontaneous lyrics and melodies that will immediately connect with listeners on a deeper level. The single immediately charms with a soothing and atmospheric sound. However, it is not just an ethereal, dreamy composition. There is room for a lot of energy, and the impact of the production is hard to deny. Any fan of artists like David Ruffin, Marvin Gaye,Dru Hill, and Mario is definitely going to appreciate the nuances in Kennard and his music. 

The song “Hello” is another fantastic track from Kennard. This is a very emotional song, with unforgettable hooks and heartfelt melodies that will immediately make an impression.

These two songs are a great introduction to the world and creativity of this inspired (and inspiring) artist, and a great taste of what he is able to accomplish with his vision and eclectic taste and melodic style.

Find out more about Kennard, and do not miss out on “Lay You Down” and more of his music:


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